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Enjoy hiking in the mountains and visiting famous temples in Kamakura

Starting from JR Kitakamakura Station, the tour will visit Jochiji Temple, Kuzuharaoka Shrine, Zenarai Benzaiten, and the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, visit the Cafe in the Sky and Tree Garden, enjoy the Daibutsu Kiridoshi and conclude at the Great Buddha in Kamakura.

The entrances on the Jochiji and Daibutsu sides are both close to the station and easy to find, and the information boards on the course are friendly, so you can walk without getting lost.

Course Outline

JR Kitakamakura Station – 10 minutes – Jochi-ji Temple – 15 minutes – Historic site Tenbashira-mine – 10 minutes – Kuzuharaoka Shrine – 10 minutes Keshizaka Cut-through – 5 minutes – Minamoto no Yoritomo Statue – 5 minutes – Zenarai Benten – 7 minutes – Daibutsu Hiking Course Entrance – 30 minutes – Tree Garden Branch – 20 minutes – Daibutsu Cut-through Entrance Branch – 5 minutes – Daibutsu Tunnel 20 minutes – Daibutsu cut-through entrance junction – 5 minutes – Daibutsu Tunnel entrance

Walking time
Walking distance
degree of difficulty

This is a relatively easy course that connects the Kuzuharaoka Course and the Daibutsu Course starting from Kitakamakura and Hase.
The Kuzuharaoka course is approached from the Jochiji temple gate, and although there is a steep slope at the beginning, the rest of the course is a relatively gentle ridge course.
Take a break at Komorebi Square of Kuzuharaoka Shrine and go to Genjiyama Park.
After strolling through the Makezaka cut-through, the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, and the Zenarai Benten, visitors will enter the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) Course.
Enter the Big Buddha Course and after a short while you will see a sign for the entrance to the Tree Garden. Take a break at the cafe in the forest.
Then it is downhill to the exit of the Daibutsu Tunnel.
From there, Kotokuin Temple of the Great Buddha of Kamakura is about 5 minutes away.

Kuzuharaoka Shrine Course

From the side entrance of Jochiji Temple to Kuzuharaoka Shrine and Genjiyama Park

It takes about one hour.
The approach to Jochi-ji Temple, left side road to the hiking trail.
On the way, visit the historical site Tenbashira Peak and Kuzuharaoka Shrine, the god of marriage.
Enter Genjiyama Park and make a side trip to the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the Keshizaka cut-through, and the Zenarai Benten.

Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu

From JR Kitakamakura Station in the first half of the course, Kuzuharaoka Shrine

VERVE Coffee Roster

Exit JR Kitakamakura Station and turn left, and you will soon find VERVE cafe.
In the morning, the restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m., so you can refuel with coffee takeout and freshly baked waffles before you leave.

Go to the store’s website

Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu
Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu

Where to Buy Beverages

  • JR Kitakamakura Station vending machine
  • Vending machine in the precincts of Kuzuharaoka Shrine
  • Right outside the station, VERVE Cafe

We walk through a refreshing grove of trees.

Kuzuharaoka Shrine and Genjiyama Park, Keshizaka Cut-through, Zenarai Benzaiten

From Zenarai-benten to Tree Garden and Daibutsu Cut-through

You will walk through a forest just outside of a residential area.
Watch your step as the path is a bit steep at times.
The Daibutsu Kiridoshi is a staircase near the end of the hiking trail.
A round trip takes about 40 minutes.

Departing from Zenarai-benten, passing through the tree garden and the Daibutsu cut-through

Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu

Big Buddha Hiking Course in the latter half of the course

Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu

After leaving the Daibutsu Tunnel hiking trail entrance, go straight ahead.
In about 5 minutes, you will reach the Great Buddha of Kamakura Kotokuin Temple.

When I look up at your face, I feel soooo peaceful.

Since this gilt bronze cast Buddha was created for the peace of the samurai government and the people, it is likely to bring peace of mind.
As a Buddhist statue, it is the only one designated as a national treasure in Kamakura.

Entrance fee Adults (junior high school students and older). 300 yen
     Elementary school student.       150 yen
Opening hours: April – September 8:00-17:30
     October – March 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Kuzuharaoka ・Daibutsu

Restroom Location Information

All toilets are clean and equipped with toilet paper.

  • JR Kitakamakura Station
  • Kuzuharaoka Shrine, behind the monument to Toshimoto Hino.
  • 2 locations in Genjiyama Park