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Course B

Daibutsu, Kuzuharaoka


Starting from JR Kitakamakura Station, the tour will visit Jochiji Temple, Kuzuharaoka Shrine, Zenarai Benzaiten, and the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, visit the Cafe in the Sky and Tree Garden, enjoy the Daibutsu Kiridoshi and conclude at the Great Buddha in Kamakura.

The entrances on the Jochiji and Daibutsu sides are both close to the station and easy to find, and the information boards on the course are friendly, so you can walk without getting lost.

This is a relatively easy course that connects the Kuzuharaoka Course and the Daibutsu Course starting from Hase and Kitakamakura, where you can enjoy both mountain climbing and sightseeing. It is also recommended for family hikers.
After a short distance from the junction of the Daibutsu Kiridoshi, you will see a sign for the entrance to the Tree Garden. Take a break at a cafe in the forest called the Cafe in the Sky.
A gentle ridge path leads to Kuzuharaoka Shrine.
At Kuzuharaoka Shrine, you can pay a visit to pray for good luck and to ward off bad luck, and then go through toward Jochi-ji Temple and Kitakamakura.
On the way to Genjiyama Park, visitors will explore the Keshizaka cut-through, the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, and the Zenarai Benzaiten.

Walking time
Walking distance
degree of difficulty

For detailed course information (vending machines, ADEs, and restroom locations), see Toshi’s Kamakura Hiking Map.

Accumulated elevation Ascent: 142m Descent: 149m

  • Elapsed time 00:00

    1 Daibutsu Hiking Branch

  • Elapsed time 00:20

    2 Entrance to Itsuki Garden

  • Elapsed time 00:40

    4 Senarai Benzaiten Entrance

    In summer, it is very difficult to find the junction point because of the thick undergrowth.

  • Elapsed time 00:50

    5 Daibutsu Course junction

  • Elapsed time 00:55

    6 Entrance to Genshiyama Park

     7 Statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo
     8Keiwaisaka Kiridori
    16 Senarai Benzaiten

  • Elapsed time 01:00

    9 Monument to Sir Toshimoto Hino

  • Elapsed time 01:03

    11 Kuzuharaoka Shrine

  • Elapsed time 01:18

    12 Tenzhu Peak

  • Elapsed time 01:30

    13 Jochiji Exit

  • Elapsed time 01:35

    14 Nandoro no Ii

Course Entrance and Exit Information

Around JR Kitakamakura Station, there are many cafes and other stores to enjoy.
A stroll around Engakuji Temple and Myogetsuin Temple is also recommended.

Please refer to Toshi’s Kamakura Hiking Map for detailed location and other information.

Daibutsu Tunnel side entrance information

B: Kuzuharaoka, Daibutsu Copy

The vending machine for beverages is located about 50 meters before this entrance.
After passing Hase Station, take a detour to the right and you will find Seven-Eleven Kamakura Hase Ekimae Store.

  Jochi-ji Temple Exit Information and Next Course Information

  • Beverage vending machines are located in the parking lot of Jochiji Temple.
  • It is located in the restroom parking lot and has a washlet.
  • C There are no public restrooms when heading to Mt. Rokkunimi.
  • B If you are heading for the Tenen course, the next public restroom is the Tenen public restroom past Taiping Mountain.

Jochiji Temple

In 1386, Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu ranked the Zen temples in Kamakura according to the Chinese Song Dynasty’s Gozan system.
The fourth temple in the ranking was Jochi-ji Temple.
The principal image of the temple is a seated statue of Sansei-Butsu, which signifies the past, present, and future.
In the ruins of the yagura (a cedar-shaped structure) at the back of the temple grounds, there is a statue of Hotei (the god Hotei), who is said to be energized when he is rubbed on his stomach.

On the side in front of the main gate is one of the ten wells of Kamakura, the “sweet water well.


This is a view of Jochi-ji Temple.

When I visited the temple, I found the precincts to be surprisingly large and interesting, with a narrow cave through which I went deep into the temple to meet Hotei-sama.

Places to stop by near Kitakamakura Station

Roastery Cafe VERVE

They have an in-store roaster where you can taste freshly pulled beans.
You can taste coffee that brings out the character of the beans very well.

IMG_3836 (1)
B: Kuzuharaoka, Daibutsu Copy

You can also enjoy tasting the beans sold in the store.
Baked to order, the waffles are crisp and light, a delightful treat for tired bodies.
It is a great way to replenish your energy for the next Tianyuan.

Other stores of interest in Kitakamakura

  • Takeru Quindichi
    It serves oven-baked pizza, homemade pasta, and seafood dishes, and is a nice, delicious, old-fashioned restaurant.
  • Cafe Minka
    They have a lot of books and a good hard pudding.
  • cibolino
    Newly built restaurant cafe. Dishes using Kamakura vegetables, homemade fresh pasta, homemade focaccia, etc. They have a delicious dessert Catalana.