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Traverse the Kamakura Alps.

This is the approach from the Zuisenji Exit, which was closed due to the typhoon.
Narrow, steep ups and downs, firm footing is recommended.
Walking from Kamakura Station to Zuisenji-guchi, it takes about 35 minutes
It is a 5-minute bus ride to the Kiremichi bus stop, then a 15-minute walk.

Course Outline

JR Kamakura Station – 10 minutes – Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine – 10 minutes – forked road – 15 minutes – at the foot of Tongen Bridge – 5 minutes 5 minutes – Zuisenji Hiking Course entrance – 8 minutes – Tenen-en direction branch – 10 minutes – Kaibuki Jizo – 15 minutes – Tenen rest area – 5 minutes 5 minutes – Tenen public rest area – 5 minutes – Taheizan summit – 30 minutes – Juohiwa – 5 minutes – Sheng Shang Zheng viewing platform – 1.5 minutes – Imaizumi entrance – 15 minutes 5 minutes – Imaizumiguchi – 15 minutes – Meigetsuin – 10 minutes – JR Kitakamakura Station

Walking time
Walking distance
degree of difficulty

The Tenen Hiking Course follows the ridges of the northern mountains known as the Kamakura Alps.
There are entrances to Imaizumiguchi, Kenchoji, Kakuenji, Eifukuji ruins, and Zuisenji.
You can choose according to distance and time.
The course from the Zuisenji Exit has just been unblocked by the typhoon.
There are many tough trails and solid hiking shoes are recommended.
Note that the Tenen Rest Area on the way is closed irregularly.


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Purchase Beverages

FamilyMart Kamakura No.2
FamilyMart Kamakura Yukinoshita
Tongen Bridge 4 vending machines (will be the last place to purchase)

From JR Kamakura Station to Zuisenji Exit

From Keikyu Bus Stop No. 4

Kamakura 23 & 24 Kamakura Reien Seimon Mae Tachiwai Kanazawa Hakkei Station Yuki

The scheduled ride time is about 5 minutes.
The area in front of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine will be crowded.


On foot


Restroom Location


JR Kamakura Station
Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine
FamilyMart Kamakura No.2
Pay toilets by the side of the approach
Family Mart Snow
Tianyuan Public Toilet (Clean and well maintained with toilet paper)
Meigetsuin Temple (admission fee required: 500 yen)