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Zeniarai Benzaiten

It is known as Senarai-benten because it is said that coins and other items will increase if washed in the fresh water in the cave on the temple grounds. However, it is not necessary to wash all of the bills, but only a part of them. Minamoto no Yoritomo was told by Ugajin, the god of fortune, that if he made offerings to the gods and Buddha with water that gushed forth from this place, a world of peace and fortune would come to him. It is said that the origin of sen-arai (washing of coins) is said to be that Hojo Tokiyori prayed for the prosperity of his family.

Saraswati (god of wealth, music, eloquence and water)

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Home > Daibutsu, Kuzuharaoka > Zeniarai Benzaiten
Home > Daibutsu, Kuzuharaoka > Zeniarai Benzaiten