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Signboard of Mt.

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Mt. Ohira has a sign indicating its elevation.
This is the third signboard, and they change it every two to three years when the letters are no longer visible.
As we climbed and stood at the top, we met a group of mothers with their 3-4 year old children.
One of the children was running around the summit in sandals.
You are so energetic, did you climb all the way up the path so far in sandals? What a question! In that circle of conversation, an elderly man, the first
I’m replacing this sign. This is the third one.”
While hiking, he was asked by a foreigner how high this mountain was, so he installed a sign adding the elevation.

I am ashamed of myself for not knowing that such a story existed, and for thinking that the sign was so unscrupulous.

The letters are fading again, I think it’s time to replace them.”

Please do so.

Mt. Ohira signboard