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Kamakura Alps Hiking Schematic

About this site

My name is Toshi and I run this site.
I run two lodging facilities in Kamakura, Villa Kmakura and Yuigahana Senyo.

Working in the IT industry, I have experienced rapid social paradigm shifts.
I have always loved to travel, and while visiting various places, I believe that “travel” should have a different form for a new era.
These two inns use a self-check-in system that makes full use of information technology.
We continue to improve every day to provide the best hospitality without human contact.

As part of this effort, we have launched this website to advocate hiking to enjoy the best of Kamakura.

This website is intended to provide information for those who have stayed at these two lodges, but it is also accessible to the general public.

We hope that everyone will make use of this information and realize a trip to experience the charms of Kamakura.

Use of Google MyMap

When I actually walked the course for the first time, somewhere in my mind, I always had this anxiety.
Is this the right path?”

Will there still be more hills and narrow streets like this?”
How much longer will we be there?”

I realized that I did not have time to look at the scenery or the little flowers on the side of the road, and that I was not truly enjoying myself.
I made a detailed My Map, thinking that if I could remove as much anxiety as possible beforehand, I would be able to enjoy my first time on the road.
We will be glad if you can make use of this information before touring the course.

Hiking in Kamakura My Map

Detailed descriptions and course videos of the hiking trails, vending machines near the entrances where you can purchase beverages, and information on public restrooms are included.

This Map will be updated as it becomes available.
We hope you will visit us in each season and feel the charm of Kamakura’s changing seasons.